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After a year like no other and with every individual facing challenges, our new campaign has launched to help remove the stigma surrounding substance use.

Designed by our network of people who have lived with the experience of substance use, the campaign removes the buzzwords and cliches and replaces them with real talk from real people who want to help others.

The ‘Look Closer’ campaign is about busting the myths around substance use and tackles head-on the idea that users aren’t worth time, and just fit the stereotype of druggie, alco, etc.

REMOVE THE SHAME – Reduce the Harm

Recognising the isolation and emotional impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and being mindful of the increase in substance use, the Regional Service User Network (RSUN) is asking every one of us to ‘Look Closer ’and be aware of the signs of problematic substance use.

This can include products like nicotine, alcohol, codeine and prescription drugs. All of these substances can have mood-altering effects, which can become harmful to the user.

Many life circumstances can lead to problematic substance use for example: job loss, financial worries, family break downs and grief; this list is endless.

Lots of people experience issues with substance use – you are not alone, it’s time to ‘Look Closer’.

If you are concerned about yourself or someone you care about, please reach out.


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