In 2015, PHA brought together the five local DACTs to form a Regional Steering Group to work collectively to address drug and alcohol misuse by developing events, initiatives and resources.

What is DATS?

Drug and Alcohol Coordination Teams

DACTs are made up of statutory and community agencies with an interest in, or need to, address drug and alcohol issues in the Trust area. There is a DACT for each Health Trust area in Northern Ireland, and each has a Connections team.

What RSUN represent?


RSUN represent services users on each of the regional DACTS Steering Groups. Our representatives attend meetings, give feedback and help to shape the services of DACT in Northern Ireland.

We support the development and implementation of each DACT’s action plan.

” it is important for services users’ representatives to sit on each DACT as we are the voice of services user who cannot be heard. DACTS is also a good source for networking. Service users’ representatives are included in all decisions that are made. We assist in organising different events to bring services together for example dual diagnosis and other services. In addition to are working to break down stigma and trying to address hidden harm issues” Danielle, RSUN Member.

contact us

Your local DACT Connections Service can be contacted in relation to any alcohol and/or drug-related concern or query that you may have — they will be able to advise you on how they, or your local DACT, can help.




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