what is mentoring?

Peer mentoring is a process in which two people share their knowledge and experience in a mutually beneficial way. It is informal and person led. Small goals are set along the way to show progression but ultimately the mentor is there to meet specific needs of the mentee where possible.

why mentoring?

  • At RSUN we value the experience and knowledge of our members.
  • Many of us know what it is like not to belong or fit in.

  • We have known hardships – emotionally and physically.
  • We each have a story of our lived experiences. Every recovery path as individual as the person who walked it.

  • And while details may differ the emotions are the same.  Recovery and healing begin when our stories can be told – and are listened to, in safe spaces.

  • Healing happens where there is a sense of community, of belonging.

  • RSUN are working in the background, currently training a group of peers to take on such roles in our community.


RSUN’s Peer Mentors will be members of the network, go through a process of training and will each have lived experience of problematic substance use.


Mentoring can happen anywhere. The pilot scheme will be in the Belfast area.

Face to face meetings when restrictions allow, telephone calls and zoom.

We are hoping to roll out our pilot programme Spring 2022

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